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I hear that Dave is on the phone, and I suspect that he's talking to Carly.

I remember the days when I was all Overly Attached Girlfriend regarding Carly. I still think she was up to no good, but I'm not all nutjob paranoia about it now. The very subject of Carly amuses me... because I'm pretty sure she's insane. Seriously, I hear the name 'Carly' and I want to get a beer and some popcorn and settle in because I know the story's going to be hilarious.

And! It's Lying Monday! How appropriate!

But I won't complain about a window sale. At least, not this one.

So. I have been in a foul mood all day. Largely because it's so freaking cold in my house. There are other reasons, but that's a big one. Hard to be cheerful when you're freezing your ass off.

I've played Secret of Mana for most of my free time today. Don't feel like Mapling - I don't like the Angelic Buster, I'm bored of my Kaiser, and I don't feel like leveling my Phantom or grinding levels on my Luminous or Mercedes right now.

I think I'll go back through my Livejournal and de-privatize some of (most?) my old entries. Because so many people read my journal now, and out of all those people, like all of them would totally go back and read crap from ten years ago. I'm such a narcissist.
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Final Fantasy villains! Yes! I was going to talk about this like a week ago!

Okay so. Let's go in (some semblance of) order here.


Kefka. I was prepared to dislike him before my FFVI playthrough simply because so many people were like "best villain evar". But then I played through it. And completely besides his fantastic maniacal giggle (which by itself is awesome), I found Kefka to have a lot of depth. He's just completely thoroughly evil... but I found that he uses crazy maniac evil as a facade to mask his total despair and desperation. It was an interesting take on the taking-over-the-world story - Kefka's motivations for doing so.

Sephiroth. Don't get me wrong, I like Sephiroth. But I don't think he fits into the "best villain evar" category, either. Yes, he's evil. ...Sort of. But not on the scale that Kefka was. Sephiroth wants to destroy the planet, true, but because his mind snapped from realizing that he's not just like everyone else. And he has mommy issues. Honestly, I think he'd be scarier without the mommy issues. It's hard to take a villain seriously who's carting his mother around all the time, amirite?

Ultimecia. One of the more interesting things about Ultimecia's character is that she manipulates everything from behind the scenes. Rarely does the player have any sort of interaction with her. I've come to expect, mainly through Hollywood, that anytime a female is in a position of power/authority she's all in your face about it, I MUST BE FRONT AND CENTER, YOU CANNOT IGNORE ME FOR I AM FEMALE. Her motivations seem to be a twisted take on self-preservation - Ulti doesn't want to die, so she sets forth this grandiose plan so she'll never die. It's an interesting idea.

Kuja. I've grown quite fond of Kuja. It doesn't hurt that FFIX is (one of) my favorite FF games. Kuja is interesting. Like Kefka, he uses theatrics and insanity to mask his despair. When confronted by his own mortality, Kuja kind of goes berserk - a kind of "if I'm going to die I'm taking everyone else with me!" kind of thing. Despair is a powerful motivator, and in this case it motivates Kuja toward destruction. Frankly, I'm not quite sure why Kuja strikes me as the most interesting, deepest FF villain... but that's my opinion :)

Seymour. Seymour grates on me. Maybe, like Yuna, it's his voice actor that pisses me off. (Sorry, [ profile] shiromonogatari, I know how much you love Yuna, but her voice actress... ugh.) But even with the voice actor dislike aside, he's just not that interesting to me. The idea of him trying to become Sin to 'free' Spira from the spiral of death and hate and all is interesting, and it could have been amazing, but Seymour... I just don't like him.

Vayne. Vayne is one cold-hearted SOB. He's brilliant, cold, astonishingly manipulative, planning everything down to a T. But he always seemed kind of... I dunno, hollow to me. Maybe it's just bad writing, not telling the story as well as they could have. I understand his motivations, but it just seemed like he wasn't in the same league as other FF villains, as far as evil goes. Not that a villain/antagonist has to be evil (see next point on the list), but if you're going to kill your own father and commit atrocities, you should at least seem a little evil.

Delita. I think a lot of people would hesitate to put Delita on this list - in FFT wasn't it the Lucavi that were the main villains? - but as antagonist I think he counts. And let me just say this: Delita is not evil. Delita, like Vayne, is one cold-hearted SOB. Far better of a manipulator than Vayne (if they went head-to-head, Delita would win, hands down). But not evil. Definitely one of my favorite villains/antagonists.

hmm umm. That might be all. Is that all, [ profile] shiromonogatari?
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Speaking of FFVIII, I don't think I'll rename Squall "Jackass" this playthrough. Depends on how much he annoys me this time :P
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And now, for an episode of Christina-doesn't-want-to-talk-about-what's-really-bothering-her-so-she-talks-about-video-games-instead.

...I really need a catchier title for that.

So I've been back to my SNES roots lately. Played the Legend of Zelda game for SNES. ...It's way easier than I remember it being. Granted, I got to the point where I could beat it in under a day without the final Golden Sword dealy, but even then, I figured, haven't played it in like ten years, it's got to be a challenge now, right? lol nope. The only real challenge was remembering what buttons did what (since I'm playing it on an emulator). Occasionally I'd hit the wrong button and do something retarded, but otherwise, no challenge. Might try a speed run. No-pieces-of-heart challenge. I dunno.

After I beat that one again (for like the hundredth time, no exaggeration), I went on to Super Mario 3. This is my favorite Mario game. Again, not much of a challenge - again, the challenge really lies in button control. Will probably go on to Super Mario World after this.

Christina is my name, avoidance is my game.
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Yes, I'm still alive. Nothing has been going on.

Well, there's this crow that has this bizarre mutated caw that's driving me nuts.

Also, I've been cooking a lot lately.

Also, I should have a one-year-old baby today. But I don't.

Also, I'm reading the Dark Tower books again.

Also, I'm playing Chrono Cross again. And Final Fantasy II for the first time evar.

Also, I'm growing out my fingernails. They look cool, but they're rather unwieldy. Especially when typing.

That is all.
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Dude, I'm ten weeks along already. Has it really been a month and a half since I found out about the Raisin? Unbelievable. Pretty soon I'll be in labor and be all like "Dude! Didn't I just find out I was pregnant like a week ago?" lol. I imagine that when (if?) I start showing, it won't be so surreal to me.

Not much has been going on, other than my sciatic nerve causing me a great deal of pain, depending on what I choose to do. Other than relatively minor TMI-type things, this is the only problem that pregnancy has caused me so far. I'm seriously hoping that my labor goes like Deb's and Melanie's (a couple of hours), as opposed to my mother (twenty plus hours).

I'm trying to get my sister to send me the SNES, I'm undergoing a craving... for my old video games. lol

Gameage... I've been indulging my desire to play Age of Mythology while Dave's refereeing basketball. I'm already almost done with the campaign. After this... I dunno, I might go through FF8 again. Abuse Squall as much as possible. Well, we'll see if I like him better this time around - maybe if I play through it ten times I'll end up liking him, which is what happened after my fifth or sixth playthrough of FF7, when I decided that I liked Aeris, after all.

Finally, it's been raining for about three days now. I'm not complaining, because maybe the crazed arsonists won't have such an easy time lighting California on fire this year. Well, that's not the only reason I'm not complaining. It's the first one that made it though my fingers though.

Whatever. I need more coffee.


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