lil drunk.

Dec. 22nd, 2012 05:40 pm
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But I have a totally legitimate excuse. You see, I require alcohol to function properly when menstruating. And that's your daily dose of TMI.

I came to Livejournal for a purpose. It was a lofty goal, one that had great depth of meaning. But apparently was also easily forgotten.

...I'm going to read this tomorrow morning and be like wtf did I just read. lol

Okay so I don't remember what I came here to write about. People do this for fun. Get drunk I mean, not go to LJ and forget what they were going to write about. I'm really tempted to stop fixing the typos I'm making here just so you all can see how messed up my poor little brain gets when I'm like this. Lacey would love to see this, by the way. She'd probably make a special trip down here just to see how loopy I get when I'm a little drunk. And then I'd do her nails and she could teach me... uh... things.

Yeah so, I'm such a fangirl that I named my Kaiser Fou-Lu on Maplestory. At least as close as I could get to Fou-Lu. Oh my word I can't even freaking think. I'm a lightweight. Just how much rum have you had, Frau Rothwell? Just like... four shots? Over the course of uh five hours or so? I'm a lightweight. But damn, my uterus won't shut the hell up. Fine, I'll go have it freaking operated on or something, whatever. If I'm going to get drunk I'm going to do it for the purposes of amusement and not trying to escape excruciating pain. Well isn't that ironic, I misspell 'excruciating' when I'm sober but spell it correctly when I'm drunk.

I don't even know what I'm still doing here anymore.
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Wow, okay, so I thought all my entries were private but apparently the ones that were already friends-only didn't get changed. Weird. Oh well, I don't really care. Just thought it was weird when Lace was commenting on entries that were like a million years old when I thought they were all private. Then I had to go check to make sure that the really bad ones hadn't somehow been made public or something. Good thing I'm not paranoid or anything.

So. Yeah. Lace doesn't like Livejournal. She wants me to move to Wordpress. Little does she know that I've started writing in my again! Really though, it's all copypasta from here anyway. Oh well, it's now a Wordpress format so she might not hate it as much as Livejournal :P

...Also, you totally hurt my Livejournal's feelings. I had to give it a hug and tell it you didn't really mean it. It was pretty sad.

So yeah, probably going to the beach later. The Lakers won last night, I'm irritated by that. Umm... kind of tired. Have to do my nails again 'cause they chipped ALREADY. Grr.



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