Jan. 4th, 2013 09:19 am
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So I wake up around 1:30 last night. (Early this morning? Whatever.) Lay there in that contented little half-asleep haze for a few minutes. And then BAM. Suddenly, excruciating pain. I haven't always been the most stoic person in the world when it comes to pain, but I've grown into it, as it were - not complaining much when endo comes around, pretty much just stating yeah, I'm in pain. So when I say that this was excruciating pain, I'm serious. Excruciating as in, if this continues for much longer I'm having Dave take me to the hospital. I really thought I was - I don't know, had endo adhesions that were ripping me apart internally. Bleeding out from ebola. Had eaten pieces of glass or sharp plastic that were ripping my stomach to shreds. Dying, at any rate. I'm serious here.

Still in pain, I get up quietly and go to the bathroom. Sit there for about half an hour wondering what the hell is wrong with me. There's no blood. The pain is starting to subside into the more familiar ache of endo. And I'm freezing my ass off. So I get back into bed, lay there, and wonder what caused the pain. As I always do when it comes to endo. If there was a trigger, I wish I knew what it was.

So. Third endo flareup in the last month. I've got to get this crap gone.

ETA: So apparently Dave had this same stomach thing night before last. Does the fact that this makes me feel better make me a horrible person? I'm pretty sure it does.
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So Tuesday I wake up, lay in bed for a moment thinking about the stuff I have to do - mostly cleaning up around the house, maybe some preliminary cooking - and then get out of bed. Almost immediately - endo pain. Pretty bad. What makes it worse is that I'm stressing - I can't have endo pain now! I have to clean the house today! And cook tomorrow! And I'm having people over! And cooking more on Thursday! It's freaking Thanksgiving! I can't have endo right now!

Dave, prince of patience that he is, calms me down. "It is what it is, sweetie, and there's nothing we can do about it." True. I calm down remarkably fast (for me) and resign myself to the couch for the day. Perusing my list, I realize that nothing on the cleaning side of things absolutely must be done - if this stuff doesn't get done I'm probably the only one that'll notice - which makes me feel a little better. I'm still stressing a little about the cooking on Wednesday - cooking can't really be done with severe endo pain - but I remember what Dave said - it is what it is - and resume my futzing around.

Wednesday rolls around. Dave goes to pick up Cathy and do the grocery shopping, and I clean what I feel must be cleaned. There's still some pain, but I deal. It isn't as bad as it was Tuesday, and I feel like I can survive my tasklist for the day even with the pain. Bake bread, make pies, do yams, make cornbread - still in pain but I'm doing it anyway.

Thursday! I get up and commence the dressing. Also commence menstruating, which comes along with some pretty awful cramps. But at least the endo pain is mostly gone. Hayden, Linz, and Hayden's girlfriend Taylor arrive. I'm a little nervous 'cause I'm meeting a new person and, being somewhat socially awkward, am somewhat afraid I'm going to, I dunno, turn Taylor off from the entire family, but I deal. Continue cooking. Most of the cooking had been done on Wednesday, so I don't have a whole lot to do, and the wine Dave has opened has dulled the cramps, so that helps too. Dinner is great - I'm not very good at false modesty, and it was pretty amazing - and afterward we all hang out. Lulz are had with the Dictionary game, and then I introduce Taylor (a word gamer) to Speed Scrabble (and reintroduce the rest of the family to it as well). After we peter out of word gaming, Dave and Cathy are sitting on the couch watching animal videos, Hayden and Taylor are on the futon talking quietly, and Linz and I are near the fireplace discussing a friend of hers and doing my nails. I'm watching Hayden and Taylor and smiling to myself, reminded rather strongly of the Thanksgiving that Dave came out for. More on that later... since I seem to have neglected to write about that when it happened. (WTF, Rothwell?)

Overall, it was fun :) What wasn't fun? Jess had a less-than-wonderful Thanksgiving, and posts on FB about it. Mom chimes in with a "next year have Thanksgiving with me and Dad" (why does she call her husband Dad? ...on second thought, I don't want to know). I respond with "next year have Thanksgiving with us!" And Mom comes back with "All six of us together!"

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Speaking of FFVIII, I don't think I'll rename Squall "Jackass" this playthrough. Depends on how much he annoys me this time :P
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And THANK YOU VERY MUCH endo for making a spectacularly awful experience even worse.

I don't think I've ever said this before, but... FML.

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