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So. In an effort to calm myself down from my paranoia-induced spazzing, I have decided on something. I love cosplay. I love the idea of it, I love looking at great cosplays, and I want to do some myself. And for a while I thought that the first cosplay I was going to do was Steena. And don't get me wrong, I still want to do a Steena cosplay someday. Steena's awesome. But who's more awesome? That's right, the God-Emperor Fou-Lu. I hadn't previously considered doing a genderbend cosplay, but - come on, it's freaking Fou-Lu.

I mean, look at this BAMF.

I'm sure you see my point.

So here's my plan:

- Get rid of the endo
- Get a job
- Buy materials and whatnot
- ???
- Be awesome

Other characters I want to cosplay, no particular order )

Not all that helpful. Must calm down. Ugh.


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