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I hear that Dave is on the phone, and I suspect that he's talking to Carly.

I remember the days when I was all Overly Attached Girlfriend regarding Carly. I still think she was up to no good, but I'm not all nutjob paranoia about it now. The very subject of Carly amuses me... because I'm pretty sure she's insane. Seriously, I hear the name 'Carly' and I want to get a beer and some popcorn and settle in because I know the story's going to be hilarious.

And! It's Lying Monday! How appropriate!

But I won't complain about a window sale. At least, not this one.

So. I have been in a foul mood all day. Largely because it's so freaking cold in my house. There are other reasons, but that's a big one. Hard to be cheerful when you're freezing your ass off.

I've played Secret of Mana for most of my free time today. Don't feel like Mapling - I don't like the Angelic Buster, I'm bored of my Kaiser, and I don't feel like leveling my Phantom or grinding levels on my Luminous or Mercedes right now.

I think I'll go back through my Livejournal and de-privatize some of (most?) my old entries. Because so many people read my journal now, and out of all those people, like all of them would totally go back and read crap from ten years ago. I'm such a narcissist.
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With the entire last week's debacle (no one say the m-word), I totally forgot to impart this unto you.


I know, we knew that already. But here's what happened:

Carly's been promising that Dave would totally get the window order for this job she's been working on, but she's been dawdling and stalling and whingeing and whining and all, so I've been suspicious. (But let's be honest here, if she helped a little old lady across the street, rescued a busful of nuns, and then donated all of her groceries to starving children in Ethiopia, I'd still be suspicious.)

On Monday, Mike Mills calls Dave and is pissed, because he's talked to another window dealer who's bragging all over the place how he sold windows to Carly for this job, how they're sold and probably already installed.

Hilarity ensues. Instead of being pissed about it, Dave is highly amused. The laughter echoes around the house for fifteen minutes, and then he calls Carly. "Carly, are you being completely straight with me about this?"

Oh yeah, yeah Dave. I have no idea why he'd say that. Oh, we have no windows here.

So Dave drives by the job site the next day - THE WINDOWS ARE IN THE GARAGE. How mysterious. They must have just appeared there out of thin air.

Now, to be fair to Carly, maybe she was honestly unaware that these windows had been purchased. In this case, however, the question begs to be asked: since her crewmen were there (Dave saw them), and they were working on the site, how could she not have known about the windows?

I'm just sayin'.

Therefore, Carly has contributed to our new holiday, Lying Monday, to be commemorated on the second Monday of January.


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