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And now, for an episode of Christina-doesn't-want-to-talk-about-what's-really-bothering-her-so-she-talks-about-video-games-instead.

...I really need a catchier title for that.

So I've been back to my SNES roots lately. Played the Legend of Zelda game for SNES. ...It's way easier than I remember it being. Granted, I got to the point where I could beat it in under a day without the final Golden Sword dealy, but even then, I figured, haven't played it in like ten years, it's got to be a challenge now, right? lol nope. The only real challenge was remembering what buttons did what (since I'm playing it on an emulator). Occasionally I'd hit the wrong button and do something retarded, but otherwise, no challenge. Might try a speed run. No-pieces-of-heart challenge. I dunno.

After I beat that one again (for like the hundredth time, no exaggeration), I went on to Super Mario 3. This is my favorite Mario game. Again, not much of a challenge - again, the challenge really lies in button control. Will probably go on to Super Mario World after this.

Christina is my name, avoidance is my game.


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